Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sink ship 沈船

For man, sink ship is disastrous when
Woman got soul

Or with moves!

Your gaze at her is fatal but makes life lives twice.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can you feel it? 你感覺到嗎?

In animation, there is a zillion way to walk and with an attitude. Every posture is a series of extractions defining certain highlights/extremes only to be reconnected by the animator’s imagination. To be virtually natural is to search for postural extremes that express inner thoughts/emotions and to animate the posture with kinetics, of inevitable moves that guide the animator’s imagination and subsequence mathematics scripting.

In reality, only 1/zillion% of it falls within the human perceivable spectrum, while the remaining % is often regarded as delusional. The iterative signs within the 1/zillion% have the same progressions of the remaining unperceivable spectrum. While the perceivable lags behind and resonates with the delusive spectrum in shape and movement, the future becomes a recursive/delaying mode of displaying the already present (the inevitable), a projectile of self-affine series of events that is imminent but random at immediate viewing and with a well orchestrated movement at its exponential contributions. Reality becomes a black box sank below the placid lake of the already present future, of data displaying the imminent impact well preserved at the midst of the unforeseeable unknown.

Prophets and animators are interpolators of reality. They foresee the inevitable of the exponential seeding, re-stitching the extremes of the improbable and announce the imminent impact at the signs of the time. Prophets/animators navigate to the unforeseeable realm only to bring back the gems of the black box, displaying the textural ordinates of the unknown and conceive the unforeseeable. The recurring numbers and occult symbols are mystical ordinates to preserve the placidness of the worldly display, of fate to quarantine uncertainty variables, revealing the immediate probable and not affecting the divine order of the unforeseeable.

Note- The writing of this post is an after effect of the Olympic mystic (details here & here ), and for the final Olympic Fuwa prophecy, good slave believes is the reincarnation of the Jackson 5 divination… Can you feel it? good slave is ready!