Friday, August 22, 2008

The story of Daedalus returned @ 2008 Beijing Olympics 北京奧運開幕

In Greek mythology, the “plan” of the labyrinth was to contain the monster Minotaur, of the child given birth by the human beastly thoughts. When Daedalus was imprisoned by his own creation of the labyrinth, he alleviated himself to a "section" viewing to resolve a "plan" puzzle- the building of the wings to levitate one’s thought and body to higher altitude. However, the story ended with the tragic death of Daedalus’s son Icarus who was exhilarated by flight and flew beyond his capacity.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, the mass game was a simulacra of a digitized labyrinth-like environment. Human mass performances synchronized with the particles display on the mega LCD, of embodiment with symbols, mass and spectacular, bodies become an extension of the pixels metrics. The labyrinth-like animation was the merging of pixels and bodily dynamics, with guiding movement of instructions emitted from blue tooth-like device attached to each performer, it alleviated the mass game to a digitized conducting performance. At the final scene of body levitation, the chasing of the Olympic script was the return of Daedalus’s curse. The imprisonment of the endless “plan” in disguise as “section”, tempting one's ego to go beyond the limit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Time is fractal 明日之歌

Good slave has an addiction. At times when numbers affected good slave deeply in the past and begin to resurrect recursively, good slave believes is angelic. A form of whispering chant from the guardian to announce good slave worthy to be in its presence. Numbers chart our desire in the moving average of time, at intervals when the affections radiate from the fast entangles with the slow moving desire, time becomes fractal and so does desire. The moving average of desire is the line of revelation when it diverges to designation opposites to the world tendency. The immediate present interval of lines leap into the passing world of desire, of same fractals displaying the delaying modes of lines depart to an uncharted world. The fast slows down while corresponding to a disparate attraction, the world idles and flattens to a point fold. The movement of recursive numbers brings joy to good slave, it enheartens a lost soul for its annunciation for a new fractal time.

我去了 我去了
我去了 我去了
分別了 分別了
分別了 分別了
明天 明天
忘了吧 忘了吧
記住了 記住了

作詞:沈華 作曲:顧嘉輝 編曲:李端嫻

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ultimate terror

In the video released by the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), the terrorist group commander Seyfullah made threats to terror attacks for the 2008 summer Olympic events (details here). However, he made good slave and the whole world ponder more than fear, for his threats to blow up a competition entry of the Olympic stadium and not the built one.

Competition entry no. B01

Should he threaten the same if he knew entry no.B11 suppose to be the winning entry? If he did and with an intention, would he possess some mystical power to destroy a concept for architecture? This sounds like the ultimate terror in architecture, a threat to destroy the built and the unbuilt at someone's discretion.