Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ashes of time… 旗未動,風也未動,是人的心自己在動

The ashes of time is the remains of souls in the fight with the fore-ordained manuscript- the days of joyous, the days of innocence, the days of clinging, the days of revolution... are the ancestral predestinated chronicles where the signs of time subjugated to a fatalistic end. Upon our acceptance of an ineluctable destiny, it scatters one’s faith and deepens one’s forgetfulness. For our ancestral blood in the relentless fights with destiny is the transfusion of passion that bleeds from the first who survived from an inevitable death-
"the first sea creature who jumped out of its aquatic world and determined to be on land > the first primate who stood up to look at the world differently and became easy prey”

... to the last who stands guard one’s faith against time... Time returns to dust from ashes while the souls of the new blood search for the flaws in the fore-ordained manuscript. At time when fate in compatible with one’s “amor fati”, the ashes of soul checkmates its opponent (fate) amidst networks of oracles, prophecies and fatalistic nodes.