Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The revenge of architecture

When architecture serves for profit maximization under the elegant models of Friedman’s economic philosophy, the impact is more immense than the model itself can visualize. The architecture of social noises & messy geographic conditions copulates with Friedmaniteshard science, the imperfect world becomes the material impact defying any utopian thoughts.

Architecture operates with limits. The limits of greed, inhumanity and selfishness. The mystical lines of architecture quarantines inferiority and liberates the communal forces to regulate robustic goals of politics and economy. The material link of architecture transgresses the hard science of deregulations, privatizations and free markets, from its detrimental impact of greed to the communal joy of sharing.

When the material link is repressed, the fusing of architectural automata and greedy inflation is the fuel to this human betrayal (free person = free market + free consumption). In return, architecture regulates every room, town and city to be deserted or vanished from this unregulated world.