Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recipe for Disaster

Disaster comes when there is disbelief… (Incidents here)

Our beliefs in Gaussian world to quarantine the improbable, we varnish the extremes to minimize their contributions in our differential models, of complex singularities become insignificant within the vast smoothening system. The embedding of extreme’s magnitudes to such determinative models are seeds for the disaster. The wild copulates with the tame, of what seemingly disparate events are forced to correlate and be normalized under the Gaussian smoothening expressions. The seeds of diminished extremes become ubiquitous, erratic and non-conformal to any elegant mathematical formula, an exponent of the improbable for our conformal mapping of a dominant landscape, an invariant for the scaling of the folds (in proliferations of disasters) optimized under our deterministic applications (Gaussianized risks, probability, defaults).

Nature offers information erratically, it awaits us to scrutinize its’ scalable impact by allowing coefficients derived across discontinue contours, finding equations equivalency along sharp jumps and differentials to define the connectedness flow. The Gaussianization of singularities into singular form of function equalizes the impact of disaster and converges the diverging risk into our parameterized model with initial exponential data as completed parametric input. Our elegant models become the disbelief of possibilities exists beyond its surface beauty, a language of attractions, of beliefs in the integrity of models (– minimal surfaces, mathematical purity, geophysics) that visualize form with the same representational, metaphorical and referential equations.

… We are enslaved by the representations of fractal patterns, voronoi façades and sine/cosine twisting towers without the awareness of the fractal exponents of reality…
… And we are entangled with parameterized phenomena (frequencies, velocity, density) and the embodiment of forms with visual metaphors (metaphysical, ontological, transcendental meanings)/ formation aesthetic (geo-mimicry) without the awareness of the improbable landscape awaits us to infer with exotic equations….
… For improbable is impenetrable, not to be imitated but preserved with paradoxical mapping at our furthering departure from visual metaphors.

For references here, here and here.