Sunday, May 27, 2007 明光社 – Truth Lite or Truth Zero

The devil has many facets, most commonly in disguised are under "the name of God".

The story of devil @ work -
Government awarded the tender for the teaching of human rights course for the primary/ secondary school teachers to a group that –

Has a history of discriminating sexual minorities,
Against legal protection for sexual minorities,
Protest on public televisions for covering gay issues,
With no record of teaching of human rights in Hong Kong,
Declaring is not a religious group but claiming all things in Bible are historical fact.

Some kids are more fortunate in countries where concepts of liberty, human rights, freedom had been well defined by their founding fathers. Here kids are less fortunate where the nation was found on a pseudo all-in-one system, with the degree of one’s right being in pro-rata basis on amount of one’s work-done (i.e. pseudo socialism) and where their primary/secondary teachers will be fed by this 100% rubbish from the Truth Lite organization -

'… people only focus on individual rights and overlook responsibilities and duties to society.’
'…advocates of extreme liberal ideals often use human rights to challenge the traditional social system.’
'… help educators understand the true meaning of human rights.’

Instead of taking some pseudo courses organized by Hong Kong governmental bodies, here is good slave and some other fellow architects recommended sources for the Hong Kong teachers, wish that would be informative -

John Stuart mill - on liberty
Rousseau - social contract
Hegel - elements of the philosophy of right
Kant - critiques...
David Hume - treatise of human nature
John Locke - concerning human understanding
Hobbes - leviathan
Marx - capital
Rawls - theory of justice
Russell - authority and the individual
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Giorgio Agamben' - of the moment
Montesquieu on separation of powers
Thoreau on civil disobedience.
Descartes - meditations
Spinoza - ethics
Deleuze and Guattari - 1000 plateaus / anti-oedipus
Jean Baudrillard - forget Foucault
Zizek - against human rights
Auguste Blanqui
Montaigne – essays
Diogenes of Sinope
Max Stirner
Wilhelm Reich
Ema Goldman

In some countries, a number of the major figures listed above are mandatory subject as part of the education to become an architect. Since Hong Kong education has been a breeding ground for future serving of the developer’s greed and with no question asked, then what will become later?
Architects designing concentration campus for the minorities?... and with the same excuse they use to defend themselves of designing poor buildings when confronted by the public –
"don’t blame me, blame the system, we are just following orders from the government/developer” … however, that very much sounded like any defense you hear in those convictions of war trails.

Good slave is sorry for making this post a bit long and boring, here are some images from where you find more "rights to display human" than human right itself.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

In the mood for love

Outraging/unforgiving survey by Chinese University Students!
A survey on eroticism was conducted without any tipping to the general public on *desirable places for sex* except one - the campus which end up 4 out of 5 replies found it sexually not arousing... and this is very unforgiving for architects. (details here and here)

**technically speaking- 打野戰 or architecturally speaking- habitual de-territorization


答5:一路都想偷偷地走入lecture theatre攪,d 位又舒服,仲要攪到污糟晒果隻,等人唔知乜事坐上去


Eroticism is indexical to architecture since the primodial habitat appeared on this planet, the space of violence/desire/dissident and the object of desire evolve as oneness in eroticism*

*The cave paintings (between 15,000 and 13,000 BC) > Greek classical order (decorations representing sexual organs)> the baroque (the chambers of secrets)> avante garde (the incestral & the uncanny space) > postmodern (the sex on display)> now anything but cybersex

Then, how does architecture fade away from kids' sexual fantasy, of their imaginations to a mood that defines eroticism?
Has our education system been sterilized to an extent with no eroticism, no mood, just intercourse studies??
Has Hong Kong architecture been demoted to empty signs and devoid of erotic mood to the general public since long after the "big split" (architectural space<>object of desire) in our architectural education? ?

Here is good slave recommend reading list for our educator to revisit and to save our children's imaginations-

Colomina Beatrix writings on gender spaces.
A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.
Stud, Architecture of Masculinity, edit by Joel Sanders
The Metastases of Enjoyment by Slavoj Zizek
Read my Desire, Lacan against the Historicists, by Joan Copjec
Encyclopaedia Acephalica by George Bataille
La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini
Ulysses by James Joyce
Henry James
Edgar Allan Poe
花樣年華 - 黃家衛
傾城之戀, 張愛玲
愈快樂愈墮落 - 關錦鵬

and many many more…

警 告:以 下 反 中 大 問 卷 人 仕 說 話 內 容 或 其 猙 獰 咀 臉 可 能 令 人 反 感 , 不 可 將 本 物 品 派 發 、 傳 閱 、 出 售 、 出 租 、 交 給 或 出 借 予 思 想 開 放 的 人 士 或 將 本 物 品 向 該 等 人 士 出 示 、 播 放 或 放 映.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

If you love somebody, set them free

Hong Kong has been noisy again on the issue of queen’s pier (noise here, here and here). This round more unnecessary sound bites added in support of HKIA’s stance on the issue (The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, details here) –
Its stance to the “In-situ Preservation” of Queen's Pier

What does “In-situ Preservation” preserve in the process of mummifying a piece of architecture? For preservation of collective memory, axial alignment, “sense of place" as highly praised in the midst of sound bites?

Sense of place -
A pier being mummified with concrete-shoe (in mafia’s term) is deemed to end its “being” of a pier along with its atmospheric conditions (i.e. sense of place) whether it is in-situ or not.
In Heidegger’s notion of “Building Dwelling Thinking” -

The dam forces the river to be what we want. It "enframes" it, makes it into something that is useful to us on our terms. The dam makes the river into hydro-electric power, and makes it into "standing reserve", or an abstraction ("energy") which is there for our use.

Thing-in-itself evolves with building, dwelling and thinking, mummification is a representation of “being” and not preserve the “being” in itself of any previous notion of a pier or any sense of place.

Axial alignment –
The spine that holds the queen’s pier complex together is the line of voids (a more appropriate architectural term for classical ideals, detail please refer to Palladio’s work) starts from Statue Square> Edinburgh Place > Star Ferry Pier > ad infinitum (i.e. water front), once the vanishing point of this line of voids been broken/blocked by future developments (i.e. luxurious residential towers, commercial skyscrapers), the remaining parts of the subsidiary axis (city hall>queen’s pier> Edinburgh Place etc) serves no meaning of its origin whether they align with any higher form of terrestrial/celestial objects.

Collective memory -
Architecture evokes memories with many aspects – replacement/displacement, disappearance/appearance, transparencies/opaque, dislodgement/cohabitate… The belief “to in-situ in order to preserve” is rather wishful thinking or being least imaginative to mummify a building while the surroundings being eradicated drastically by greed and thoughtless authorities.

Examples of imaginative "preservations" here, documentaries soon appear on CNN and BBC.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

逆光 against the light

孫燕姿 我懷念的

我問為什麼那女孩傳簡訊給我 而你為什麼 不解釋低著頭沉默 我該相信你很愛我 不願意敷衍我 還是明白你已不想挽回什麼 想問為什麼 我不再是你的快樂 可是為什麼 卻苦笑說我都懂了 自尊常常將人拖著 把愛都走曲折 假裝了解是怕 真相太赤裸裸 狼狽比失去難受 我懷念的 是無話不說 我懷念的 是一起作夢 我懷念的 是爭吵以後還是想要愛你的衝動 我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌 記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口 誰 記得 誰 忘了 想問為什麼 我不再是你的快樂 可是為什麼 卻苦笑說我都懂了 自尊常常將人拖著 把愛都走曲折 假裝了解是怕 真相太赤裸裸 狼狽比失去難受 我懷念的 是無話不說 我懷念的 是一起作夢 我懷念的 是爭吵以後還是想要愛你的衝動 我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌 記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口 誰 忘了 我懷念的 是無言感動 我懷念的 是絕對炙熱 我懷念的 是你很激動求我原諒抱得我都痛 我記得你在背後 也記得我顫抖著 記得感覺洶湧 最美的煙火 最長的相擁 誰愛的太自由 誰過頭太遠了 誰要走我的心 誰忘了 那就是承諾 誰自顧自地走 誰忘了看著我 誰讓愛變沉重 誰忘了要給你溫柔 Woo Oh~~我懷念的是爭吵以後還是想要愛你的衝動 我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌 記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口 我放手 我讓座 假灑脫 誰懂我多麼不捨得 太愛了 所以我 沒有哭 沒有說

The format of the lyrics reminds me the making of ancient Chinese scripture – In ancient time, man made the sentences and his maid* inserted punctuations in between for completion. In the other words, the maid was his quasi-muse and her task was to read the master-mind.
*The maid being a domestic virgin serving the writer was also believed to be the origin of Chinese prostitution.

Since good slave is only slave to passion not love, I suppose this may also applies to love relations where men sporadically make the scenes and women add “: - . , ? !” to the relations to create her own loving logic. In architecture, the structure of “sentences vs. punctuations” has later been theorized as “functional space vs. residual space*”, and the origin of prostitution vs. the origin of architecture intermingle in the making of history.
*some calls it feminin space, but I like residual better

Friday, May 4, 2007

Hong Kong Famous Designers Association

警 告:本 物 品 內 容 可 能 令 人 反 感 , 不 可 將 本 物 品 派 發 、 傳 閱 、 出 售 、 出 租 、 交 給 或 出 借 予 出 名 的 人 士 或 將 本 物 品 向 該 等 人 士 出 示 、 播 放 或 放 映.

Restricted (R) - The Authority may prohibit the display, exhibition, sale, lease, rental, exchange or distribution of the materials where the materials contain:

A graphic or prolonged scene of banality, cliché, mediocre, second-rate, sleazy, horror or human degradation;

The depiction of humiliation of human beings for the purposes of fame gratification or as pleasing to the victim of fame;

A scene where person who dress in all black is or is intended to represent others being inferior to the industry due to his/her non-famous status and appears in a scene of explicit and exploitative red wine drinking activity.