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The devil has many facets, most commonly in disguised are under "the name of God".

The story of devil @ work -
Government awarded the tender for the teaching of human rights course for the primary/ secondary school teachers to a group that –

Has a history of discriminating sexual minorities,
Against legal protection for sexual minorities,
Protest on public televisions for covering gay issues,
With no record of teaching of human rights in Hong Kong,
Declaring is not a religious group but claiming all things in Bible are historical fact.

Some kids are more fortunate in countries where concepts of liberty, human rights, freedom had been well defined by their founding fathers. Here kids are less fortunate where the nation was found on a pseudo all-in-one system, with the degree of one’s right being in pro-rata basis on amount of one’s work-done (i.e. pseudo socialism) and where their primary/secondary teachers will be fed by this 100% rubbish from the Truth Lite organization -

'… people only focus on individual rights and overlook responsibilities and duties to society.’
'…advocates of extreme liberal ideals often use human rights to challenge the traditional social system.’
'… help educators understand the true meaning of human rights.’

Instead of taking some pseudo courses organized by Hong Kong governmental bodies, here is good slave and some other fellow architects recommended sources for the Hong Kong teachers, wish that would be informative -

John Stuart mill - on liberty
Rousseau - social contract
Hegel - elements of the philosophy of right
Kant - critiques...
David Hume - treatise of human nature
John Locke - concerning human understanding
Hobbes - leviathan
Marx - capital
Rawls - theory of justice
Russell - authority and the individual
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Giorgio Agamben' - of the moment
Montesquieu on separation of powers
Thoreau on civil disobedience.
Descartes - meditations
Spinoza - ethics
Deleuze and Guattari - 1000 plateaus / anti-oedipus
Jean Baudrillard - forget Foucault
Zizek - against human rights
Auguste Blanqui
Montaigne – essays
Diogenes of Sinope
Max Stirner
Wilhelm Reich
Ema Goldman

In some countries, a number of the major figures listed above are mandatory subject as part of the education to become an architect. Since Hong Kong education has been a breeding ground for future serving of the developer’s greed and with no question asked, then what will become later?
Architects designing concentration campus for the minorities?... and with the same excuse they use to defend themselves of designing poor buildings when confronted by the public –
"don’t blame me, blame the system, we are just following orders from the government/developer” … however, that very much sounded like any defense you hear in those convictions of war trails.

Good slave is sorry for making this post a bit long and boring, here are some images from where you find more "rights to display human" than human right itself.

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