Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Do not fall for the same prank twice!

For those who entered the West Kowloon Reclamation Concept Plan Competition at 2002 (Integrated Arts, Cultural and Entertainment District) and lost, later on routed up some cultural crowd to oppose the idea of the competition itself… Please do not fall for the same prank this time! (details here)

The following is their monkey logic…
By landfilling our valuable waterfront for more roads and skyscrapers, they claim to -

Reducing the wall effect of single large developments,^
Greater visual permeability,^
Reducing traffic generation,*
Reducing air and noise pollution,*
A more competitive business environment,
Increased diversity and vibrancy.

*Less water and more roads > attract more traffic into the district > more congestions > more air and noise pollution >...
^Good slave is curious how building more skyscrappers at the rim of the city will reduce wall effect and provide greater visual permeability?

Whenever government find hard to convince themselves or the general public for some wicked act, they usually look for some foreign representatives to do the PR work, and by conducting international competition is one cheap way to do so.

Same prank, same wicked thoughts!

Disclaimer: Good slave did not enter any West Kowloon Reclamation Concept Plan Competition nor participate any related activities. Good slave only convinced others not to fall for the said prank by not entering the competitions at that time, however, was being labelled as "cultural snob" since then.

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