Monday, July 2, 2007

What turns you on?

A city has at least 3-4 times a year of large fire works + daily light show with mini fire works along the harbour at every 8:00 p.m… the main theme for the events were templates since 1997 as such -“the celebration of prosperities of Hong Kong for the return to homeland of People’s Republic of China… being in harmony… unity of people & nation…etc, etc, etc…”


Following the massive success in Sydney and London (details here), a Lights Out event to invite citizens to turn off the lights for one hour and to draw the world attention of the climate changes. The Lights Out events require cooperation among citizens and most importantly their awareness of the precious resource in this world.

The Lights Out events turn good slave on (mainly for aesthetic reasons). The appreciation of silent and shades of darkness, a surreal experience (as in the movie Paris Qui Dort) at the midst of natural rendering of darker/lighter shades of pale which are many folds more seductive than the artificial fireworks display.

A city with pride and imagination do not need constant celebrative events, nor yearly routing of the children mass (total no. broke the Guinness record) to perform tricks for the symbol of unity, only at a tyrannical state where we see massive propaganda shows for this kind of perpetuating self-reassurance.

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