Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year resolution – pathologically speaking

When there is a resolution, there will be commitment. For every commitment to be made, there will be a path. And for every pathological self obsesses with procedures, there is a habitual pattern. The truth is out there, nothing but repetitions of things/movements do we see the lights within.

L in “Death note” is possessed by the procedures of committing murders, neither the discovery of the Death Angel (the supernatural) nor any confession of murderers could satisfy L’s compulsion to the logic among procedures. The supernatural/Death Angel is imperfect, but the procedure that governs a murder is flawless. There is only a suspect (the writer) and the effect of the text (the way of killing in death note), the rewriting of the text and reconstructing the procedures that contributes to the killings are L’s tactics to make the writer reveal himself.

We practice the same path everyday & night, of the same notes and postures, for every repetition we fine tune we see the logic within. The abstractive habitual pattern (bubble diagram) breeds pathological effects, an infinite loop of returning and connecting functions in the absence of the formula “if return xxx times then….” Only endless feeding of functions among functions…

For New Year re-resolution, we can either choose to re-invent the wheel that brings us the protagonist self or simply look inside the microscopic logic of our daily notes/posture and activate the pathological healing process…

Like in yoga practices…Namaste

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