Monday, April 16, 2007

The magic sound bites - “Green, Multi-functional, Interactive”

Hong Kong is a noisy place, the frequency you hear of the magic sound bites in a presentation is very often in proportion to the degree of the building being much ado about nothing. Thoughtless spaces/ everywhereness sun-shades/ useless gadgets end up being labeled as “Multi-functional, Green, Interactive” respectively. Rarely do buildings live up to their claims nor anyone care about their implications for being a sound bite.

Escort industries redefine our habitual diagrams, their penetrations via internet into the hotels have ambiguously committed to our magical claims:

Interactive – An interactive space renders the shift of habitual domains. From virtual> real> hyper-real, 2D> 3D> 4D, immaterial> material> massive... You enter here> made selection> maneuver within city> bodily encounter… This shift of domain is interactive.

Green – Any change of use requires 0 remodeling is green.

Multi-functional – A shift of function where every elements are being utilized to the full extend. From being resort to escort, leisure to erotica, space unaltered while the sequence of action varies at every encounter. Showering, undressing, sexual intercourse, the habitual bubble diagrams are constantly refined by the escort services within an idling space of a hotel room.

In this regards, good slave recommend to substitute the magic word with a code:141 in future presentation, a form of environmental measure for Hong Kong to become a less noisy place.

Disclaimer: the stating of a social phenomenon at this blog here do not necessary promote nor encourage any terrestrial being to support or engage in the escort industry.

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渣估 said...

I like your "disclaimer"! ^^