Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ubiquitous Shades

Ubiquity (or being everywhereness) is an architectural disorder, a form of kaleidoscopic delusion manfests itself into various symptoms -

Schizophrenic design, crazy
form, dementedness detail, deranging organization, flakiness surface, insane function, irrational scheme, mad construction, psychopathic interior, cataleptic circulations, paranoiac display, hypersomnia landscape, insane, unreasoning…

The most common symptom is Megalomania, a “Green” overdose of inductive reasoning-

Green is good
Sunshades have attributes of Green

More green ≡ better
.˙. More Sunshades are material equivalent to better
Everywhereness Green is more than perfect
.˙. Everywhereness Shades are material equivalent to more than perfect

Megalomaniac actions-

Provide many sunshades for solid walls &
Provide many sunshades for open stairways &
Provide many sunshades for roofs & plant rooms &
Provide many sunshades for windows with a view &
Provide many sunshades at everywhereness
≡ perfect world

Floodwater Tank Pumping Station 蓄洪池抽水站

Education and Manpower Bureau 教育统籌局

International School 國際學校

The very convenient truth – The wooden formwork for the concrete sunshades of a residential tower can make up a forest. The manufacturing industries for aluminum are major pollution in China. Details here or Google here.

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please said...

quite like the first 2 photos. they share the same common shades/feature/image but hopefully not for the goal. however, they recall my lost memory of the basic principle of architecture, 'form follow function'. start to understand the meaning of the days without architecture!!!