Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flat world

At the vast horizon, enterprises orchestrate the world supply chain, of networks competing networks/ aggregates empowering aggregates, of strategic alliances in defining the borderless flat world… The navigations of global trades accelerate the apocalypse phenomena. The logistic in global searches of best aggregates skyrocket the energy demand. Human and machine are now competing for food, turning corn into ethanol, a fuel that can replace gasoline and compete farmlands with livestock.

Commodity price rises and the dollar falls, at where the convergence of the flat leveraging world with the apocalyptic fear is the revelation for architecture… The seeding of architectural commodity is an in-situ activity, a field of crops-like enterprises driven by global variables. Orchestration is the soil from which the architectural seeding spring, of leveraging the global capacities and aligning with networking possibilities. Architecture synchronizes with the primordial anticipation and fluid enterprising. The crops-like seeding pulsates the global aggregates, in-situ communal desire and optimizes the robust global anticipation, creativity derived from this massive plantations and apocalyptic orchestrations.

References -
Competing In A Flat World by Victor K. Fung, William K. Fung and Yoram (Jerry) Wind

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